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Totally Devoed Book Cover
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Totally Devoted




This is E.M. Bannock's first novel. It's a gripping, modern, western romance that exposes the struggles of life with raw human emotion, and danger. It is a modern tale about Marie Trousdale and Will Townsend, two very different people, damaged by life’s cruelties, who find each other and experience love, lust, and happiness together until danger enters the picture. Wil struggles with moral values and personal freedoms while being forced to fight for the woman he loves.

Here’s what people are saying


I'm on chapter 2 and I just LOVE it! It's smart, insightful, and witty. It grabbed my attention right away. I'm excited to see what happens!

Shannon – Cape Coral, FL


This was great! I've already finished it and really enjoyed it. The story line was really good along with the other stuff! Don't know which was best! Keep the books coming.

Sue – Jacksonville, FL


Read the book and loved it! Looking forward to more books in the future. Annette – White Lake, MI


Loved the book!

Sandy – Manistee, MI


Read the book tonight! Great story, nice flow! Thanks E.M.!

Ande – Clark, WY


I read the whole book yesterday. Started at 7 AM and finished at 3 AM. With a few breaks to eat. But wow! I think I had 3 orgasms while reading it.

Lisa – Plymouth, MI

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