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Out of Dreams


Do you believe in dream messages? Nina Martin lives in Florida and has never seen a mountain or known a Native American but dreams of both.

Wolf dreamed of her, but never imagined she was real. Their chance meeting reignites memories of past lives, proving that death cannot put out the fire of eternal love.

Their epic union is just the beginning. Nina must decide if she is ready to leave the simple coastal life to tackle the challenges that come with being a Montana bison rancher’s wife and learn the ways of her Native American/French husband.

Together they fulfill their destiny and face racism, disappointment, and the sorrow of loss, tempered by strength, spirituality, nature, and their everlasting passion.

This is the first in the new series about the LaFontaine family of Red Lodge, Montana.

Look for Book 2, Out of Nowhere, in 2022. 

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