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The LaFontaines

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1/2 Hot Pepper

Do you believe in dream messages? Nina lives in Florida and has never seen a mountain or known a Native American, yet she dreams of both.

Wolf LaFontaine dreamt of her but never imagined she was real. Is their chance meeting coincidence or destiny?

Nina loves Wolf, but she must decide if she is ready to leave her simple coastal life, become a Montana bison rancher’s wife and tackle the challenges that come with it, all while learning the ways and culture of her Native American/French husband.

But their epic union and love are just the beginning. Ranch life is hard, and soon there’s trouble when bison start dying.

Together they face racism, danger, disappointment, and the sorrow of loss, armed with weapons of spirituality, life values, and their everlasting love. Is that enough?

Nina and Wolf are getting ready to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. For them, time has only strengthened their love and confirmed their belief of past lives together.


Laine and Takota, their two sons, are attending college in Bozeman and will be attending the joyous celebration. They are proud of the Lakota Sioux blood of their father that shows in their faces.


Things on the family bison ranch in Red Lodge, Montana, have settled to a new normal. But, out of nowhere, disaster strikes the herd, and the family must pull together to find their unknown enemy.


As they try to solve the mystery, Laine, their oldest, believes he is in love with a woman who is the opposite of what the family expects or needs. He must decide his path. Will he choose family and the Lakota Sioux way of life and values he was raised with, or will he follow the burning emotional passion he feels for a woman who wants nothing to do with it?

After a spiritual visitation from the White Wolf, Nina and Wolf are compelled to spend the summer exploring the locations of their past lives together as Lakota Sioux. Many of the memories are pleasant and filled with family and love. However, the recollections of battles, massacres, and government boarding schools are not. Emotions that resurface with the memories of these horrific events are almost too much to endure. They must rely on their love to get them through.


Meanwhile, their sons, Laine and Takota, remain behind to manage the family bison ranch in Red Lodge, Montana. When, unexpectedly, Takota’s wife, Clementine, must return to Wisconsin to deal with a family emergency. The strength of Tak and Clem’s love is tested when ex-lovers reappear and rekindle fiery feelings of the past. Can Lakota values and culture show them the path to forgiveness and the way forward, or will temptation and desire extinguish the flame of their love?

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