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ABOUT E.M. Bannock

E.M. Bannock grew up in the Detroit suburbs. She is the second child of seven and the eldest daughter of a working-class family. E.M. was raised with deep-rooted family values.

Her inspiration to write was her father who was a great storyteller with a fantastic imagination.  Her love for writing began during high school where she excelled in writing short stories and poetry.


Born with a wanderlust, she found herself in Los Angeles after graduating high school. LA was an exciting place to be in the early ’70s and E.M. experienced all that it had to offer. It was here she met her husband. The two have a son.


E.M. and her family have lived in California, Oregon, Alaska, Florida, and Wyoming, where she now lives with her husband, two cats, and an old  horse.


She has made her living as an office manager, computer programmer/analyst, project manager, sales clerk, substitute teacher, and bison meat shipper. Throughout it all, she never lost her love for writing.

Although she had always dreamed of writing a book, until 1999, she had never attempted it. Then, while descending into Detroit on a business trip, she had the inspiration for her first novel, Totally Devoted.

Life became complicated and her book sat in the memory of her computer for 15 years. At her husband’s urging, she “brushed” it off, added more dimension to the characters, and more spice to the romance. The result is a gripping, sexy tale of modern romance and rugged Western adventure that exposes the struggles of life with raw human emotion, lust, love, devotion, and danger.

Her second book, Zoey's Place, was published in 2019. And published, Out of Dreams, the first in her three-book series, The LaFontaines. Book 2 - Out of Nowhere, in 2022, and Book 3 - Out of Love in 2023.

She believes that writers should write what they know about and draws inspiration for her characters and locations from her varied and unique life. She writes about the places she has lived or visited because she feels correct geographical details are an important ingredient in a story to give the reader the full experience.

E.M. is a member of the Romance Writers of America and The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. 

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