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The Tour is over but the fun never stops.

Well, the 2019 Zoey's Place Virtual Book Tour is over. I was happy with the turnout. There were over 1,600 entries for the Gift Card giveaway. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and thanks to everyone that entered. It was a fun BT. More fun than the first one I did a few years back for Totally Devoted. I felt more comfortable with the interview questions and had more fun with the answers. My favorite stops were the ones that either played music or showed pictures on the stop. I'm getting ready to schedule a Book Tour for the Totally Devoted Audio Book. This tour will only be 5 days. I think the 2 week thing was a bit long.

So, check back here for tour dates. There will be more giveaways. I might give away a couple of free copies of the Totally Devoted audio book before the tour. You never know.

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