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Out of Love - Well underway

I've been busy. The new book, Out of Love - Book 3 The LaFontaines, is well underway. I've been writing like a mad woman. If you read the last book, you know that Nina and Wolf will be visiting places from their past lives. That's taken a lot of research to make sure I get the geography and historic timelines correct. This included a very emotional trip to the Little Bighorn Battlefield. Maybe I'll post some of my pictures later in my progress blogs. However, an author has to create a conflict situation. It took a while before I decided which one of the LaFontaines I would put through hell this time. After much thought and meditation on the subject I decided. I think it's going to be great. I've already introduced the villain and set up my poor (spoiler alert) Takota, for the hit. I've written 130 pages so far, maybe almost half of the book. Should be publishing sometime in January of next year.

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Lisa Buttigieg LiGreci
Lisa Buttigieg LiGreci
Aug 09, 2022

Can't wait to read it!

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